LeaderHeads FAQ

Welcome to the Leaderheads frequently asked questions page. Please use this page if you have a problem and you're trying to troubleshoot it. If you still have issues, contact me.

Q: I'm using a hologram/scoreboards or something else to display the leaderboard and not a sign. It does not work ?
A: Leaderheads only updates a leaderboard if a sign is made for it. It does this to save resources and improve your server performance. To bypass this, create a sign for the leaderboard or go to the configuration file of this leaderboard and change 'force-update' to true. You can simply reload the plugin by doing '/leaderheads reload'. Enjoy your fancy way of showing leaderboards !

Do you still have issues? Contact me.

Q: When I create a sign, it doesn't update and nothing happens ?
A: There are a few things that you have to do to find the cause of the problem:

Do you still have issues? Contact me.

Q: My leaderboard only shows some players and not all ?

A: Did you just install the plugin? Relax and wait until more players join. Leaderheads creates a local database of players that have joined at least once since the plugin is installed. Some leaderboards use this database to find all players on the server.

Q: Leaderheads shows me a warning message (when I join) ?

A: This means that a problem occured while updating a leaderboard. Check your logs for possible errors and contact me.

Q: Leaderheads doesn't start up ?

A: Redownload the plugin and try again.

Q: Could you add a leaderboard for plugin x ?

A: Sure. Just contact me and we'll see if it's possible. Keep in mind that adding support for other premium plugins can take some time.

Q: I have a custom plugin on my server and we want to create leaderboards for it easily ?

A: Use the LeaderHeads API to add support for your custom plugin or contact me and we will figure something out.

Q: My skulls don't load properly ?

A: Make sure to use the latest available Spigot version of the Spigot branch that you're using.